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Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This Tempered Glass screen protector is a must-have, protect your Phone screen from scratches, cracks.

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*High Quality and Brand New.
*Hardness of 9H , Only 0.3mm thick.
*Made of Chemical Processed Glass, Has Excellent Display Effect.
*High Screen Sensitivity And Comfortable Touch Feeling.
*Slim Tempered Glass Made By High Technical Process.
*With High Light Penetration Rate, Even Stick With This Film Guard.
*Compare with Normal Screen Guard This Tempered Glass Can Resist Scratches And Damages From Metals.
Package includes:
1X Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector
1 X Wet Wipes
1X Dry Wipes

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 3 cm

for iphone 6 6plus 6s 6s plus

model 2 for iphone 10 5.8":

for iphone X 5.8"Screen Protector film

model 3:

for iphone 4 4s

for iphone 8 4.7":

for iphone 8 plus 5.5" Tempered Glass Cover film

for iphone5:

for iphone5 5s 5c cover

for iphone6 6s cover:

for iphone6 6s 4.7"

for iphone6plus 6splus cover:

for iphone 6plus 6sPlus 5.5"

for iphone7 cover:

for iphone 7 / 8 4.7"Tempered Glass Cover film

for iphone 7 plus cover:

for iphone 7 plus


Clear & Transparence 98%,Explosion Proof Glass Cover film


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